Learning with Confidence


At this uncertain time, we understand that anxieties are already high in the UK with the pandemic COVID-19. Therefore, educational providers are doing all that is possible to lighten that load as we enter periods of self-isolation and school closures.  


After 10 years as a teacher and senior leadership member, I know the struggle of the National Curriculum and how quickly the learning changes.  We have end of year objectives each child needs to meet and are constantly monitoring their progress.  But now we are handing it back over to you, at a time when you could still be working yourself, unwell or caring for others.  I hope this site is your answer. 


Below there is a link to an e-School, where I will take away the stress of streaming through the internet everyday to find activities for your children to do.  Every day, I will add hands-on practical learning with things around the home based upon the National Curriculum objectives for each year group, so children can carry on their learning journey as if they were in school.  In addition, there will be carefully selected tasks with learning purpose, differentiated for your at home student, along with videos and games linked to the day's learning objectives. 

You may choose to have some online tuition with myself to ensure your child is learning new skills during this time or they need specialised support in an particular area.  Or maybe just a follow on social media to see the kind of learning opportunities that are taking place around you and "borrow" the idea.  If you do any great learning, do give us a tag (@sow_grow_bloom) so we can all see what you are getting up to!

Children need routine and structure, and it could be hard to achieve that.  Mimicking lessons that occur in the classroom, and being able to give learning tasks that are independent to allow you to carry on with your own role, are going to be key to success.  Recommendations are that you should create a timetable with your family, encourage getting dressed and eating breakfast at the time you would normally and defer from endless screen time.  Dedicate an area for 'school' if you can, even if it is just a desk.  Be aware of when your child's school has their break and lunch times, as the natural body clock will need the energy boost at around the same time.  If you are in isolation, it is important to still see the outside and get some exercise, even if it is a fitness video or a game around the garden or park for 15 minutes as long as you and those around you are safe and avoid contact with others. 


Rewards will be important.  Plan exciting activities together as a family to look forward too, such as a film night or baking.  Use this time to connect as a family, sharing meal-times and playing games; the underlining reason may be a 'curse', but it is also a blessing.  I can't emphasise the importance of talk.  Talk about anxieties and decipher the facts, this is calming to look at our current situation as a problem solving activity.  Talk about changes that need to be made, with the reasons why.  Talk about how we need to come together and look after those around us, making sure they are resourced and not feeling lonely. 


Most of all, stay safe!


Join our e-School, with daily learning objectives and resources based upon the National Curriculum, for those whom are at home in isolation or due to school closure.

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1:1 lessons and groups with a fully qualified teacher online, with interactive learning and 2-way audio, just as if you were still in the classroom.

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